Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bad Decisions

We make decisions everyday. Some are just tiny things like coffee or tea, and some has bigger consequences that affects your life, people around you, the community, or even your country.

Good decisions are rewarding, and sometimes it's the bad decisions that has more impact in our lives, that we learn from.

I've join a partnership with a photographer and videographer since last year. And I decided to quit on September. I've learned a lot working with them. But I also learned that choosing the right people to work with is more important. I can't see the future in the partnership, I do not want to work with them. Even thou there's money coming in, but I'm not happy with what I'm doing.

I do not wish to be tied down working with them, doing stuffs I don't have the passion in it.

On top of that, my social life gets affected. Had some misunderstandings between my friends, I don't get much time to attend church, I've missed out on some responsibilities, some tasks I had to do.

I'm glad I've decided to quit that partnership. And I can see God's blessing coming to me. :)

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