Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow...


today's the second time i donated blood. i'm always nervous when there's needles. although i'm not as nervous as the first time i donate blood, the youth made me nervous... they're kinda noisy and daniel were like superstars, they were there looking at us, like we're some extraterestials, or some zoo animals...

i dare not look at the needle when the nurse put the needle into my veins. there's a little pain. but, i'm still afraid. what if she put it in, and there's no blood coming out? then she'll have to take out the needle and put into my veins again? what if she broke my veins? but all went well...
i finished earlier than daniel. he actually sat on that recliner earlier than me, and the nurse attend to me first, and my blood came out faster than his. maybe it's because of the youths that's making me nervous... they keep asking and saying "why is your blood black?", it was just very dark red, "why is there 2 colours in your blood?", "your blood is warm." and they keep touching my blood packet...

today is my grandma's 75th birthday! we had dinner together with all our uncles, aunts, cousins at night. the food was quite nice. everyone had a good time.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Acrylic + Canvas + 3 guys who doesn't know art = ?

Painting's Description: This is a young lady, living in a very hectic society. She might not look very beautiful, but her heart is very beautiful and pure. You can't judge a book by it's cover; you can't judge a person from the appearance.

after college today, Jimmy, Ludwig and I went to buy a big canvas, 3x4ft, and some acrylic. it was Ludwig's idea to do it. so we went to a art shop, bought those stuffs, went to Ludwig's house and start painting.

it was quite fun, at first, we use brushes to paint... then we start to get dirty, and used our hands. jimmy got bored and went to play Metal Gear Solid.

the painting was quite interesting. i don't to say it's beautiful 'cause i don't think it is. i don't say it's ugly because we did it. it's just interesting. hope we'll get to do more these kind of art. it's FUN!!!

i failed my
Fundamentals Practices & Conventions in Communication.
some subject that's about morale and ethics... have to resit this paper... got B+ and B- for all my other subjects. :) but no A. :(

Quote of the day - Smile, tomorrow will be worst. :)

7 weeks...

in 7 weeks, i'm gonna have lots of assignments... got to study hard now... i just want to finish this public relations cert and study graphic design. falling deeper in love with art and design everyday...

been kinda sick lately. mentally and spiritually... hope that i wont get depression... i think i took up too many responsibilities at church... kinda tired... GOD HELP ME PLEASE!!!


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