Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas!!! & the story of Adam

Woohoo! This is one of the most tiring Christmas I can remember. But I think it's more meaningful than the Christmases I've celebrated in the past. Our church is devided into groups to places like old folks home, drugs rehab centre, handicap centre and orphanage. Our youth group went to handicap centre and orphanage with another group.

We went to perform a drama, The story of Adam. There was a King and Prince who live in Happy Castle. They are very creative and they like to create stuffs. One day, they decided to create something that looks like them, Adam... The story starts like that, well, it's like God created the Heavens and earth and then humans and the devil tempt humans to sin, and God sent His beloved son Jesus, where all who believes in Him shall have eternal life.

I play the villian this time... have to do crazy laughs, crazy expressions... Actually I look very cool. :-P

King and Prince

Evil laugh

Changing hearts

Giving presents to the orphans

Give me your heart!!!

----24 Dec 2006---- Adam's Story (At church)

King and Prince

Cheating Adam's heart

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back from camp!!!

Wow! That camp was great. There are lots of great youth leaders there. There were 23 campers (4 guys, 19 girls!!!). We've learned lots of stuffs there. There's a walk thru the old testament class, there were some actions to help us remember all the big/special events in the old testament, DISC (personality test), evangelism class...... It's so fun and exciting.

I got to go now. I'm at church and waiting for the youth group to practice for Christmas performance.

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Me, Winnie (very talented in music) and Adeline (very talented in dancing).

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Group to church.

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Elisha campers... (I miss that camp...)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Looking forward to future...

Ahh... SPM's over... My last subject was Bible Knowledge. It was ok... I can't answer few questions... Guess I can't get A for that subject. No more secondary school! Bye SMK Kepong Baru! Now is time to look forward.

It's hard for me to decide what should I study after my secondary school days... I have 3 main interests. Design stuffs, music, psychology. Well, after some thoughts, I think I should go for psychology. I can understand more on human behavior, got to know people easier, help people when they need counselling, guess what other people might do and stuffs. But some of my friends said that psychology is tough, and there's no future for psychology in Malaysia... Oh... That breaks my confidence. Sometimes I wonder if I'm suitable for psychology... Maybe I should study Graphic Design or Multimedia Design... Or study music, brush up my saxophone and bass skills... Well, now I'm just waiting for my SPM results and decide later.

Another year is coming to an end. Just discussed with my Youth committee members about next year's big plans. I pray that our youth members will grow spiritually and pray that we can win more souls for God. Everyone's excited about next year.

I'm going to a camp on Monday. It's a training camp organized by Bible College of Malaysia. 8 days... Man... I'll miss the Planet Shakers concert at Sunway. :'( But I know I'll receive alot from that camp. Hope that everything goes fine during that camp.

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