Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Morning...

woke myself up this morning coughing... went to church, keep feeling there's a lot of phlegm at my throat, feel like vomiting whole sunday service and went home after service, didn't join children sunday school. got some rest and felt better later. :D

ok, now back to yesterday night, it was Ludwig's launching of his new EP. well, he was still sick yesterday, the singing was not so good, but his violin skills are still top. :) lots of friends showed up. overall, it was quite successful. maybe ludwig will post the photos at his blog.

ejay came too. man, it was a long time since i met him. :)

so after the event, we went to ludwig's house to celebrate. he keep saying that it's more like a birthday party than a launching.
well, i pray that this project is a success... cuz i wanna get paid for designing... :P

Friday, January 25, 2008


just got ludwig's EP today. we went to putrajaya to collect the "Original" label, went to puchong to collect CDs and CD art from printers and then we went to damansara to stick the stickers and put the CDs, case, CD art together...

it's nice to see my own design being printed. banners, posters, CD art, CDs... got them all today. :D
now... just need to wait until he sells them and get some money to pay me. $$$. i think i wanna get a camera with that money...

too bad ludwig's sick now... hope he gets well before his first press conference, which is this coming saturday... i wonder how many people will show up on that day. O.o?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy BIRD-Day to ME!!!

yay! January 22! happy birthday to me!

nothing much happened during the day. went out for dinner with ludwig at night. i've finished his banner today. :)

after dinner, got home, my big bro bought a little cake for me. creamy... :-d

check out ludwig's new web.
there's demo for his EP on his web.

Monday, January 21, 2008

2 Days before my birthday... 2 surprises...

surprise 1:
ok, so today's sunday, after sunday service, children sunday school, teacher's meeting, my friends, Yong Zhi, Pey Shy, Grace, suddenly took out a cake for me! SURPRISE!!! i was so SO SO HAPPY!!! wow! i love my friends. they're amazing... that cake was good. too bad Pei Ying got to go early and can't enjoy the cake... she planned for the surprise too... oh well... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)

surprise 2:
so at night, me and my friends, Ludwig, Yong Zhi, Pey Shy went to pasar malam. Yong Zhi went there to meet Pei Ying. then after pasar malam, we sent pei ying home. after we send pei ying home, yong zhi wants to drive for awhile, so i followed some dumb instructions my friends gave me and got down of the car, and they don't wanna let me in... but in the end i got in too...

then suddenly, we smell some shit in the car, and when i look under my slippers, SURPRISE!!! ok, then we went to Yong Zhi's house and wash the car's carpet...

oh well, that's all for today... kinda tired now... been doing ludwig's website again... he's gonna launch his new EP. click to see ludwig's new web.

i have PR exam tomorrow.. final exam...

Friday, January 11, 2008

I can't breathe...

got the flu... been sick for few days... runny nose, cough, hard to breathe, a little fever, headache... ARGH!!!

finally finished all my assignments! hurray!!! now just waiting for my friend, Ron, to submit the assignments to the lecturers tomorrow. final exams coming next week. i'm having my study break now... wasting most of my time in front of my computer (as usual).

it's a new year now... our youth fellowship choose a new theme. 神的精兵 Army of God. well, it's time not that we only equip and train ourselves, we have to go out and battle. we have to fight for the lost souls. spread the gospel!!! had some plans to do some special evangelical service this year.

got to go get some rest now...