Tuesday, May 10, 2005

1st May 2005 (Public Holiday!)

My whole family and Andrew's girlfriend (Janice) went to Sekenjang on 1st of May to visit my brother Thomas's girlfriend's family. We went there with my dad's Avanza.

Ashley's dad has a paddy field. We went to see it after we arrive at Mr Puah's house. Mom and dad borrowed a motorcycle from Mr Puah.

Mom and Dad

Green paddy field

My family


We had lunch in a restaurant. After that, we went to the beach.

It's rocky and muddy.

I saw this strange fish that stays on ground...

It uses it's flippers to move around...

Then I tried to have a closer shot of the fish...

Opps... IT WAS MUD!!! Darn!

Dad found a tap and I wash there...
On our way back to Ashley's house, we saw a lizard (which is kinda big...).

*Please forgive me for the image quality... I need to make the files small so it will be faster to upload them.

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