Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Monday in August 2009

Went to taman tun to pick up a cheque and discuss some stuffs with client.

It was hard looking for parking because of bulan ramahdan, there were lots of stalls.

Here's my favourite ad for now:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

KLPF - Kuala Lumpur Photo Festival

Well, today and tomorrow is KLPF.

So, all hyped up with excitement, I cancelled all the other programs of the day and ready for the photo festival.

So, photo festival should have lots of photos, right?

Well, when I got there, the exhibition hall is full of camera stalls from different brands, photography equipment stalls, etc. There was only a little corner displaying some photos. BOOOOO... And there's no discount for the stuffs there. I can get cheaper prices.

Well, on the plus side, there's some little talks from some people. I attended one of the small talk by Lin Sheng 林声. He's a photographer from Taiwan.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

KUASA Design Conference

Went to a conference organized by wREGA. KUASA Design Power Asia.

They've invited Asian designers to talk at the conference. There's Ahn Sang-soo (South Korea), Sudir Sharma (India), Freeman Lau Siu Hong (Hong Kong, China), Hermawan Tanzil (Indonesia), Little Ong (Singapore) and Tarek Atrissi (Lebanon/ The Netherlands).

Ahn Sang-soo famous for revolutionizing the Hangul written language. He look at the words as shapes and pattern, creating art from there. Most of his designs are spacious, much like another japanese designer, Shun Kawakami (Or maybe the term is Minimalism design?)

Sudir Sharma gave some tips about design business, he shared with us his 16 laws.

Here's the 16 laws:
1 Perception
2 Question
3 Precision
4 Position
5 Time
6 Integration
7 Top Driver
8 Measurement
9 Number 1
10 Control
11 Rules of pareto 80:20
12 Success
13 End First
14 Benefits & Proof
15 Life Cycle

Freeman Lau Siu Hong shared with us his experience of art and design. He collaborated with lots of artists/designers.

Hermawan Tanzil shared with us his works. According to him, Indonesians like stories in their design. Myths, traditions, art forms presented in a modern sensibility.

Little Ong from Singapore, the works he presented are more to multimedia design. Motion graphics, web design, interactive design, experimental short film, etc.

Tarek Atrissi shared about his love and passion for Arabic typography.

All of the designer's works has an essence of the country, culture they live in. Makes me wonder, as a Malaysian, how can my designs bring out the art and culture of the country I live in.