Sunday, December 30, 2007

30 december

bored... nothing to do...

maybe should do some designing...

47 words

Touch Typing

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bye bye 2007...

let's see... what happened in 2007...

got my driver's license around march.

i went for National Service from March till June. Had my head shaved... can't find any photos... it was fun, i was sent to Sabah with Stephanie to the same camp. meet lots of new friends, learned lots of new stuffs...

enrolled for Tunku Abdul Rahman College, studying Public Relations. joined some dance co-curriculum. starting to enjoy college life more and more. B-)

working part-time at Earth Productions. i'm doing some designing stuffs there. haven't submit any works to them yet... hope they'll understand... December is the busiest month because of Christmas...

had a party at my house on Christmas Eve. :-) lots of relatives came.

the youth fellowship did a drama for christmas...

this is the whole drama team. actors, directors, sound and light guy... :)

i've designed 3 websites,,, i have some new projects now, and need to redesign and

well, that's all for 2007... hello 2008...

Saturday, December 15, 2007


It was unexpected! i've actually got a medal for Waltz!!!

ok, so i've joined a co-curriculum program and we had a exam and competition today. we had to do 3 dances, rumba, rock n roll and waltz. me and my partner, sook mun were so anxious because we haven't arrange all the steps for our rumba. but we manage to create something this morning. :-) we've been practicing with jimmy and jenny almost everyday after class for 2 weeks and i usually reach home after 10pm, sometimes 11pm!!! it was really tiring because we have to create some of our own steps besides the steps the teacher had taught us. we learned lots of our moves from youtube. :-P

ok, so today, there's students from TARC Pahang branch. we have a total of 150 pairs. there are 6 medals for each dance, so there's 18 medals all together. Pahang branch have lots of guys in their dance class, so there were lots of guy and guy partner doing dance. (looks really gay actually.) there're lots of great dancers there. they're very creative too.

i didn't expect to win anything, just want to pass because another pair from my class, Ong Sang and Jo Lynn are quite good at dancing. we were expecting that they might win 3 medals. well, in the end, we all got a medal. Me and Sook Mun, Jimmy and Jenny, Ong Sang and Jo Lynn won a medal each. :-) we went to KFC to celebrate after the competition.

it was fun really. after joining this co-curriculum program, i love to dance even more. i love waltz more. :-P used to love breakdance when i was in National Service.

a big thank you to Sook Mun (she thought of most of the moves actually. a really great dance partner.), Mark (a helper for our dance class), David (a helper from another dance class), Ong Sang (he taught us some moves), Jimmy (if it's not because of him, i wouldn't have joined this dance thing. a really great friend too.).


students from other dance classes.

practice together, win together.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So whoever knows what is good to do and does not do it is guilty of sin. (James 4:17)

Sometimes, when we look at something or someone, there'll be a sudden thought came to us, "go help them/him/her", "do this..." Then we'll be thinking about it, and when we feel like doing it, the chance is gone.

I've came across this Bible verse few weeks ago, "So whoever knows what is good to do and does not do it is guilty of sin. (James 4:17)". it doesn't say that we have to do some good stuffs or good deeds, it says that if we know that doing that we have to do something or help someone, we have to do it or we're guilty of sin.

sometimes we hesitate too much before doing an action that we know it's good. and then we didn't do it.

sometimes, we'll think that, "what benefits i can get from doing this?" or "will i be returned for what i've done?". sometimes, there'll be some rewards, but most of the time we wont get anything after doing it.

sometimes i asks myself, "why do i do this?". is it really from my heart? or it's just because i want to get some reward, impress people? sometimes i don't feel like doing it, but the Bible verse James 4:17 motivates me to do it.