Monday, September 28, 2009

Everyone is an artist

Everyone can create art. Any kind of art, in any form. A drawing, a song, some words put together and you've got a poem.

I believe everyone is an artist. We're created in God's image, God is an artist, a creator, we also have the artist cell in us. :)

Some people might say that they can't draw well. So, let me tell you, drawing can be learned!

Just like learning a musical instrument, no one can play the piano once they're born. They have to pick up piano lessons, and then step by step, with practice, patience and passion, they can play a song and another song and another song.

You can teach yourself drawing too. Now at this you-can-get-almost-everything-from-the-internet era, do a little google search and we can learn some simple techniques about drawing.

I've met some people who never went to art school, but they can draw/paint very well.

Art college or no, drawing lessons or self-taught, I believe everyone can draw. Just practice. And maybe imitate/copy some of the drawings you see as an exercise.

Here's a like I want to share with you. They have some some free drawing lessons on their website. It's free to register. And they have some paid lessons too.

Man, I need to continue to brush up my drawing skill...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Yesterday (31 august) was our national day.

Well, this year, there's no parade. (I heard it's because of Puasa (WTH?!? Puasa cannot parade ka?) and also H1N.) Feels like the worst national day ever.

Even on national day, lots of people still feel negative about lots of stuffs in Malaysia. Lots of complaints, unsatisfactory, hatred, racist... Well, this is Malaysia... All this complaints, unsatisfactory and stuffs will never seize unless everyone (all races) are treated equally.

Every time the country launches a program or something, there's always people who says good stuffs about it, and there's MORE people who says negative stuffs about it.

There's too much corruption going on in the government, it's affected the people to become more and more negative about the government. Sometimes it affected people to become unpatriotic, even worse, hate their own country.

Well, anyway, I LOVE MALAYSIA! But I don't really like the government.