Friday, October 30, 2009

My first try (Photography contest)

YAY! I've got a consolation prize in a photo contest, organized by my college's photography club.

Well, the main reason I joined is because I heard/thought (my bad) that there's 13 lomo cameras to be given away. But, actually, there's only 1 camera, and the others are just design books and magazines.

Well, anyway, I've won a Territory magazine, volume 10. :) Yea, I know it's old, vol 11 just came out, but still looks nice. Even my friend who got 2nd prize wants my book. :P

By the way, here it is, my prize winning photo, the theme for the contest is "My Holiday":

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fighting & Result

Do not fight for something that you don't see the result. Do not fight if you don't wish to make a change. Why argue when they don't listen? Just prove it to them. Why argue when it makes no difference? It's a waste of time.

Sometimes stuffs have different solutions. Winning an argument or a fight doesn't make you a better person, doesn't solve the problem, doesn't make anyone really happy, only breaks relationships.

Take a few deep breathes, step back, take some time to think.

Maybe just list down the facts why you think your idea is right and also why is the other idea bad/wrong.

Recently I read a little from the book, Thinking Course by de Bono, it teaches about PMI to an idea. P=plus, M=minus, I=interesting. Plus, why is it good, etc. Minus, why is it bad. Interesting, for listing down the interesting stuffs that is neither good or bad.

I wish I can slow down sometimes. Take more time to think about stuffs. Take some time to think before talking or replying. Keep my cool... Everything will be so much different.

Insanity is keeping me alive these days. I don't know what I'm talking about.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Booklet cover for Lisa Chia

Eli and her friend asked me to design a booklet cover for their friend's graduation recital. They gave me a sketch, and some keywords, "antique style", "not too complicated", "growing flowers" (hoolanders). When I gave them the final product, Lisa was so happy with the design she told me to put my name there. XD



Here are 2 early drafts that i sent to them to choose from, then develop from there: