Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weird Dream #2

Well, from now on, I'll try to record all the weird dreams I have here. Here goes...

Mom came home, gave me a fruit. I left it in the living room.

Then it's the Olympics. It's being held in Malaysia. I tried to go to the stadium to watch the opening ceremony, but, it was too crowded, I went to a cafe outside the stadium, watching the TV live broadcast the opening of the Olympic Games.

After that, I went to a place with lots of green (field, trees, flowers) to get away from the crowded cafe, and there a girl kissed me.

I was surprised and went home, saw that fruit mom brought home, and I took a bite.

Just then I noticed that the fruit is rotten, and there's worms inside, and in my mouth!

Then I woke up.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My first try (Photography contest)

YAY! I've got a consolation prize in a photo contest, organized by my college's photography club.

Well, the main reason I joined is because I heard/thought (my bad) that there's 13 lomo cameras to be given away. But, actually, there's only 1 camera, and the others are just design books and magazines.

Well, anyway, I've won a Territory magazine, volume 10. :) Yea, I know it's old, vol 11 just came out, but still looks nice. Even my friend who got 2nd prize wants my book. :P

By the way, here it is, my prize winning photo, the theme for the contest is "My Holiday":

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fighting & Result

Do not fight for something that you don't see the result. Do not fight if you don't wish to make a change. Why argue when they don't listen? Just prove it to them. Why argue when it makes no difference? It's a waste of time.

Sometimes stuffs have different solutions. Winning an argument or a fight doesn't make you a better person, doesn't solve the problem, doesn't make anyone really happy, only breaks relationships.

Take a few deep breathes, step back, take some time to think.

Maybe just list down the facts why you think your idea is right and also why is the other idea bad/wrong.

Recently I read a little from the book, Thinking Course by de Bono, it teaches about PMI to an idea. P=plus, M=minus, I=interesting. Plus, why is it good, etc. Minus, why is it bad. Interesting, for listing down the interesting stuffs that is neither good or bad.

I wish I can slow down sometimes. Take more time to think about stuffs. Take some time to think before talking or replying. Keep my cool... Everything will be so much different.

Insanity is keeping me alive these days. I don't know what I'm talking about.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Booklet cover for Lisa Chia

Eli and her friend asked me to design a booklet cover for their friend's graduation recital. They gave me a sketch, and some keywords, "antique style", "not too complicated", "growing flowers" (hoolanders). When I gave them the final product, Lisa was so happy with the design she told me to put my name there. XD



Here are 2 early drafts that i sent to them to choose from, then develop from there:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Everyone is an artist

Everyone can create art. Any kind of art, in any form. A drawing, a song, some words put together and you've got a poem.

I believe everyone is an artist. We're created in God's image, God is an artist, a creator, we also have the artist cell in us. :)

Some people might say that they can't draw well. So, let me tell you, drawing can be learned!

Just like learning a musical instrument, no one can play the piano once they're born. They have to pick up piano lessons, and then step by step, with practice, patience and passion, they can play a song and another song and another song.

You can teach yourself drawing too. Now at this you-can-get-almost-everything-from-the-internet era, do a little google search and we can learn some simple techniques about drawing.

I've met some people who never went to art school, but they can draw/paint very well.

Art college or no, drawing lessons or self-taught, I believe everyone can draw. Just practice. And maybe imitate/copy some of the drawings you see as an exercise.

Here's a like I want to share with you. They have some some free drawing lessons on their website. It's free to register. And they have some paid lessons too.

Man, I need to continue to brush up my drawing skill...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Yesterday (31 august) was our national day.

Well, this year, there's no parade. (I heard it's because of Puasa (WTH?!? Puasa cannot parade ka?) and also H1N.) Feels like the worst national day ever.

Even on national day, lots of people still feel negative about lots of stuffs in Malaysia. Lots of complaints, unsatisfactory, hatred, racist... Well, this is Malaysia... All this complaints, unsatisfactory and stuffs will never seize unless everyone (all races) are treated equally.

Every time the country launches a program or something, there's always people who says good stuffs about it, and there's MORE people who says negative stuffs about it.

There's too much corruption going on in the government, it's affected the people to become more and more negative about the government. Sometimes it affected people to become unpatriotic, even worse, hate their own country.

Well, anyway, I LOVE MALAYSIA! But I don't really like the government.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Monday in August 2009

Went to taman tun to pick up a cheque and discuss some stuffs with client.

It was hard looking for parking because of bulan ramahdan, there were lots of stalls.

Here's my favourite ad for now:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

KLPF - Kuala Lumpur Photo Festival

Well, today and tomorrow is KLPF.

So, all hyped up with excitement, I cancelled all the other programs of the day and ready for the photo festival.

So, photo festival should have lots of photos, right?

Well, when I got there, the exhibition hall is full of camera stalls from different brands, photography equipment stalls, etc. There was only a little corner displaying some photos. BOOOOO... And there's no discount for the stuffs there. I can get cheaper prices.

Well, on the plus side, there's some little talks from some people. I attended one of the small talk by Lin Sheng 林声. He's a photographer from Taiwan.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

KUASA Design Conference

Went to a conference organized by wREGA. KUASA Design Power Asia.

They've invited Asian designers to talk at the conference. There's Ahn Sang-soo (South Korea), Sudir Sharma (India), Freeman Lau Siu Hong (Hong Kong, China), Hermawan Tanzil (Indonesia), Little Ong (Singapore) and Tarek Atrissi (Lebanon/ The Netherlands).

Ahn Sang-soo famous for revolutionizing the Hangul written language. He look at the words as shapes and pattern, creating art from there. Most of his designs are spacious, much like another japanese designer, Shun Kawakami (Or maybe the term is Minimalism design?)

Sudir Sharma gave some tips about design business, he shared with us his 16 laws.

Here's the 16 laws:
1 Perception
2 Question
3 Precision
4 Position
5 Time
6 Integration
7 Top Driver
8 Measurement
9 Number 1
10 Control
11 Rules of pareto 80:20
12 Success
13 End First
14 Benefits & Proof
15 Life Cycle

Freeman Lau Siu Hong shared with us his experience of art and design. He collaborated with lots of artists/designers.

Hermawan Tanzil shared with us his works. According to him, Indonesians like stories in their design. Myths, traditions, art forms presented in a modern sensibility.

Little Ong from Singapore, the works he presented are more to multimedia design. Motion graphics, web design, interactive design, experimental short film, etc.

Tarek Atrissi shared about his love and passion for Arabic typography.

All of the designer's works has an essence of the country, culture they live in. Makes me wonder, as a Malaysian, how can my designs bring out the art and culture of the country I live in.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clearing my inbox...

Today I start deleting some mails in my Gmail inbox.

I have about 10k mails.

I have thousands of useless junk in my inbox. Facebook, friendster, tagged, from some forums, birthday reminders, enter my birthday, invitation to join some social sites, ebay, some online games i've registered, youtube subscription updates, some newsletter i've sign-up but never read, etc...

So, i start moving those junk to trash, and now i have about 2k mails in my inbox. wow, 8k are useless stuffs that i don't read. and in the 2000 mails, there's still a bunch of useless junk there...

from 2005 never delete any mails from my inbox, till today, 4 years. :P

Monday, June 08, 2009

Giant Horse!

Had a weird dream.

I was outdoor with a bunch of people, tourists or just pedestrians I think, then suddenly there was a fountain.

It keeps going higher and higher, and suddenly, a GIANT HORSE came out from the fountain, and it start picking up people, throwing and kicking them around. It's huge, like the monsters in Power Rangers or Godzilla or King Kong.

Everyone ran. I saw a building, and I ran up to the top to watch the giant horse from a distance. And then the horse spotted me, and came stomping towards the building. I quickly ran down the stairs with the people and the horse start hitting, smashing the building, it was like an earthquake, and the ceilings collapsing...

And then I woke up... With my heart pumping very fast.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm a ROCK STAR!!!

:P Not really a rock star or making a CD. These photos are for some project.

Thanks to Ludwig for taking the photos.

Here are some of the ROCK STAR photos:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

KL Design Week!!!

So, some organization organized a KL Design week from 27 March to 4 April 2009. (Visit or for more details.)

I was very exited about it because there'll be conferences, forums, exhibitions... lots of well-known designers from all over the world will be coming to give talks workshops, etc...

So, yesterday morning, i went to CapSquare with Patrick for one of the KLDW exhibition. I brought a camera, but forgot to check the batteries, only got a few shots of the exhibits. (Might upload the photos when i'm not so tired and lazy.)

Today, I went to the conference "Maximum Minimalism". Lots of MIA lecturers went too... So, some of the presenters are ok, some are good, some are... ZzzzzZZzzz... boring... Some didn't really stick to the theme about minimalism, or even talked about it. I've took some notes...

Well, i'm kinda tired now... got to get some rest...

Monday, March 02, 2009


Some photos edited with photoshop.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lake Gardens

Went to Lake Gardens with few of my classmates on thursday to take some photos for photography class.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

22 JANUARY 2009

What day is today?
What day is today?
What day is today?
Today's my birthday!

(Sung in the tune of Happy Birtday)

So, now i'm 20 years old. :D

Didn't do much celebration today. But I got lots of text messages wishing me Happy Birthday, classmates wishing me (I had to remind them. XD )

So... That's all... back to doing my homework.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009



I was woken up by my mom this morning and find that my car was broke into and the CD player is stolen!!! NOOOO!!!

The burglar broke the safety glass window, scroll down the window and climbed into my car to steal the cheap CD player that's from Avanza.

Instead of taking only the head unit, the dumb thief took the whole thing along with my Saviour of the World - Planetshakers CD! Well, at least I still have the DVD that comes with the CD...

So, I went to Sentul police station with my classmate, Lai Min, to report this burglary. (I offered to fetch her home so that I have someone to accompany me. Haha.)

The police were ok. I told the policewoman at the counter about what happened, then she print out what I said and told me to go to some inspector. The inspector asked some questions like, "Do you have any suspects?", "Is this kind of burglary frequent around your area?", etc. Then I had to wait for an officer to take photos of my car and I can go home.

While waiting for the officer to take photos of my car, I passed by the CID lock-up room, an officer bringing a criminal with long hair and dirty clothes (looks like some murderer, rapist, creepy kind of guy... ) passed by me. I dare not look at the guy for too long and I turned around.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Class starts on Monday... :S I've not prepared anything for my new semester...

By the way, to those who don't know, I'm studying Graphic Design at Malaysia Institute of Art.


Went to Hulu Yam with youth this morning. :)
Mun Fei's birthday party at night. :)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Here comes 2009...


Looking forward to a better year

Some news on News Year Day 2009.
Newscaster, actress, among 26 arrested at sex party