Tuesday, January 06, 2009



I was woken up by my mom this morning and find that my car was broke into and the CD player is stolen!!! NOOOO!!!

The burglar broke the safety glass window, scroll down the window and climbed into my car to steal the cheap CD player that's from Avanza.

Instead of taking only the head unit, the dumb thief took the whole thing along with my Saviour of the World - Planetshakers CD! Well, at least I still have the DVD that comes with the CD...

So, I went to Sentul police station with my classmate, Lai Min, to report this burglary. (I offered to fetch her home so that I have someone to accompany me. Haha.)

The police were ok. I told the policewoman at the counter about what happened, then she print out what I said and told me to go to some inspector. The inspector asked some questions like, "Do you have any suspects?", "Is this kind of burglary frequent around your area?", etc. Then I had to wait for an officer to take photos of my car and I can go home.

While waiting for the officer to take photos of my car, I passed by the CID lock-up room, an officer bringing a criminal with long hair and dirty clothes (looks like some murderer, rapist, creepy kind of guy... ) passed by me. I dare not look at the guy for too long and I turned around.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ..
u lost ur precious CD
and the player .

haih .

at least u r safe .