Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weird Dream #2

Well, from now on, I'll try to record all the weird dreams I have here. Here goes...

Mom came home, gave me a fruit. I left it in the living room.

Then it's the Olympics. It's being held in Malaysia. I tried to go to the stadium to watch the opening ceremony, but, it was too crowded, I went to a cafe outside the stadium, watching the TV live broadcast the opening of the Olympic Games.

After that, I went to a place with lots of green (field, trees, flowers) to get away from the crowded cafe, and there a girl kissed me.

I was surprised and went home, saw that fruit mom brought home, and I took a bite.

Just then I noticed that the fruit is rotten, and there's worms inside, and in my mouth!

Then I woke up.