Saturday, December 15, 2007


It was unexpected! i've actually got a medal for Waltz!!!

ok, so i've joined a co-curriculum program and we had a exam and competition today. we had to do 3 dances, rumba, rock n roll and waltz. me and my partner, sook mun were so anxious because we haven't arrange all the steps for our rumba. but we manage to create something this morning. :-) we've been practicing with jimmy and jenny almost everyday after class for 2 weeks and i usually reach home after 10pm, sometimes 11pm!!! it was really tiring because we have to create some of our own steps besides the steps the teacher had taught us. we learned lots of our moves from youtube. :-P

ok, so today, there's students from TARC Pahang branch. we have a total of 150 pairs. there are 6 medals for each dance, so there's 18 medals all together. Pahang branch have lots of guys in their dance class, so there were lots of guy and guy partner doing dance. (looks really gay actually.) there're lots of great dancers there. they're very creative too.

i didn't expect to win anything, just want to pass because another pair from my class, Ong Sang and Jo Lynn are quite good at dancing. we were expecting that they might win 3 medals. well, in the end, we all got a medal. Me and Sook Mun, Jimmy and Jenny, Ong Sang and Jo Lynn won a medal each. :-) we went to KFC to celebrate after the competition.

it was fun really. after joining this co-curriculum program, i love to dance even more. i love waltz more. :-P used to love breakdance when i was in National Service.

a big thank you to Sook Mun (she thought of most of the moves actually. a really great dance partner.), Mark (a helper for our dance class), David (a helper from another dance class), Ong Sang (he taught us some moves), Jimmy (if it's not because of him, i wouldn't have joined this dance thing. a really great friend too.).


students from other dance classes.

practice together, win together.


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