Saturday, September 17, 2011

3rd blog post in 2011

So, this is my third blog post in 2011, and it's the middle of September now.

A lot has happened during the past few months.

Went to church's youth camp, started a partnership, quit the partnership, design and printing jobs here and there, bought a midi keyboard controller, my first watch, photo shoot and designed for my buddy's CD album.

I'm gonna remind myself why am I keeping this blog. To record some lessons I've learned, experiences, events, so that one day when I read my blog again, I can see achievements, and how much I've grow.

1 comment:

shan said...

im glad to see u're still keeping this blog, although u keep asking people "Do Not Read" . xD keep it, u'll see something in the future when u "gorek" ur old post here. :D