Monday, April 28, 2008

My rant about the post office near my house

first of al, if there's any organization that's something to do with the Malaysian government's service, you really have to be patient. THEY ARE SERIOUSLY SLOW! taking their time doing stuffs, lunch break, tea break, etc...

i went to the post office today, took my waiting number, 1242, and waited for my turn to get served. waited for quite some time, they're slow. even though there's lots of people, there's one empty counter and a post office worker doing nothing walking around, not going to go to his counter and attend to those customers waiting...

then it was my turn. i was a little slow, crumpled my waiting ticket and was trying to open it to show the counter guy, and by the time i opened it, that sucker SKIPPED MY NUMBER! i gave him my ticket and he says that he's now serving 1244 and told me to go to the next counter. i was really pissed. then i move to the next counter and keep staring at that guy.

i've really lost my cool at the post office today.

i blame the government for spoiling those brats. there're lots of unfairness going on in this country. i love my country, but not the government.

i felt a lot better after writing this. :)

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