Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello 2007!!!

Ah... a new year. there's going to be a party at my house tonight. it was supposed to be on 30 dec 2006, but my family have to go to sekinchan to attend a wedding dinner. went to jusco with my bro in the afternoon to buy presents and food for the party.

i was expecting my friends from school to come but they couldn't make it. hm... it's so hard to invite them to church or my house.

We played some games, praise and worship, food, watch photos of the activities we did in 2006 (i've borrowed the church's lcd projector), watched the video of our drama on 2006's christmas. lee lee brought a friend and a cake. everything goes well that night. everyone had a great time.

yong zhi (the future youth leader) and i

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