Friday, January 12, 2007

Bored to death...

Wow... Never know that days after secondary school days can be so booooring... I have lots of time now... Ya... Lots... So everyday it's just tv, saxophone, bass, computer, books...

I'm still deciding what to study. Multimedia design, graphic design or psychology? And there's this National Service in the middle of the year... I'm the 2nd batch. I wonder if I should go for Form 6. I'll get to go get back earlier from that National Service thing if I study Form 6.

I'm reading a book titled "The Purpose Driven Life". It's a great book. Helps you see what your purpose on earth is. Read this book if you want to know why God created you, what's your purpose here.

Oh ya, I've been promoted to coordinator for my church's children sunday school. Wow... Sounds like a heavy task. Oh well, God wont give me what I can't handle.

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