Thursday, April 21, 2005

Thursday (holiday! YAY!)

*=Today is school holiday! My aunt accepted Christ! I've won Ludwig in bowling! There's a great praise and worship at my church!��=*

This morning Ludwig, Yong Zhi, Kai Loon (Ludwig's class mate) and I went to have breakfast and later, Ludwig and Yong Zhi came to my house. I helped Ludwig to create a Logo.

Ludwig's logo

My logo

Later 3 of us went to take a bus to Mutiara (a shopping complex). We went bowling. Ludwig and I paid RM10 each for 5 games. Yong Zhi didn't want to play 'cause he don't know how to bowl (actually, none of us really know how to bowl...). Ludwig won the 1st game but I won the second one. I lend my bowling shoes to Yong Zhi in the middle of the 3rd game ('cause my ball went into the drain 2 or 3 times straight...)... Ludwig won the 3rd game. He's hand start to hurt (lolz!)... Yong Zhi won the 4th game by 1 point. 72 to 71. lolz! Beginner's luck! In the last game, I won. lolz. This is the second time i went bowling with my friends.

We ate KFC for lunch... tried the curry flavour thing... not bad... quite nice... but the stupid KFC took away the hot and spicy choice... only curry or original...

Went home by bus... they went home... i slept for 1 hour... bath and go to Ludwig's place.


When I got home after bowling with L and Yong Zhi, mom told me that my aunty, Goh Ji Chong's mom,

God is working in my family!

At night, we have praise and worship in our church. It was great. But less than 30 people attended... how sad...

anyway, Ludwig and I planned to have a praise and worship lead by us, the Youth of the church.

I've updated my new website's look... copy and paste the link below into your browser to see it. and send me your comments to my email ( or click the link at the sidebar to email me.

Darn it... My phone card is going low on credits... *sigh*

And my connection is very slow.... 56k modem... *sigh*

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