Thursday, April 14, 2005

I hit my head... there's blood...

yesterday around 7-8pm, my handphone rang... and i walk into my room to get my phone...

when i try to pick it up (from the cupboard), i accidently drop my phone to the floor. and immedietly i bend my body to pick it up.


my head hit the corner of the cupboard... and it start to bleed... it's no big deal actually, just a little skin got cut...


today, at 6:30pm, i watch NTV7 to see Altered Frequency get interviewed. it's an entertainment news programme... and i waited until 6:50pm and they show up. there's just 4 of them on air. agnes and andy talk most of the time. (they are poor Malay speakers. LOL) they sang 1 song with dunno who at the guitars and david gary and agnes shakes erm, what's that thing, it's some egg shape thing that has some sand or something inside that makes "shhk shhk shhk"... and andy is just singing.

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