Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Excuse me, can you speak in a softer tone, please?

some people like to shout. i don't know why, but i've figured some reasons why some people like to shout.
1. they think that they can prove to be more powerful, to be dominant.
2. they're deaf. they don't know that they're speaking very loud.
3. they're very frustrated by something.
4. they're born with very loud voice box.
5. they're emotionally unstable.

i really hate it. some people really shout a lot. especially when they're in an commanding mode. i'm not very far away from them, like 3 meters away, and they just blast it! some even talk very fast and loud, giving me a little shock while doing my own stuffs. it's kinda annoying really. and it makes me angry too. i think the effect would work better if they speak in a softer tone. people might actually listen and follow their instructions without complaining too much. well, it's not easy for some people to turn down their voice a little when they talk, but i don't think it's impossible to try.

well, chinese new year's coming. so here's a song for you all (sing with the tune of We Wish You a Merry Christmas):
We wish you a Chinese New Year,
We wish you a Chinese New Year,
We wish you a Chinese New Year,
And a Chinese New Year.


some random firefox plug-in i wanna share with you:

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